Garden Opportunities for Teachers

Anyone can build a garden for a school, but it takes quality teachers to ensure those projects provide students with the unforgettable value possible in the garden.

Our top priority in the garden network is to change how schools see garden projects long-term. So many gardens are set up and slowly become a second recess to let out energy; but with the right coordination and foresight, these gardens can provide an immense economic benefit for the school, the classroom, vulnerable student families, and to you as a teacher. The following resources have been tailored to help your classroom and your school garden succeed together.

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Our Lessons-In-A-Box project is a USDA-funded initiative to help integrate high-quality garden lessons into classrooms and schools that may not be able to afford the materials. Twelve lessons have been created, ranging from seed starting and maintenance to diet planning and grocery shopping. Rent each lesson for up to one month and return them after you are done. Teachers with an official Earth Rebirth membership will have access to these lessons at no cost. 

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