Member Drive

Memberships are the cornerstone to guaranteeing we can achieve the impact planned for the community.

As mentioned repeatedly, nonprofits are constantly trying to compete for funding. Every voice advocating for our cause allows us to focus on making a real difference, but every dollar is the chance for us to do more. 

The goal of a member drive is simple, increase the number of recurring members. This is not something that is easily done with random social media blasts or cold-emails.

It is important to target specific people that can both appreciate and benefit from the support of the organization. Consider parents who have children in schools we garden with, family members that struggle with expensive bills, and need solutions to save energy, or maybe successful individuals with a passion for education or the environment. 

Regardless, take it one member at a time. Find your first $3 signup, then your first $10, then your tenth $3, and so on.


$3 Level: "A Cup of Coffee

The lowest level available is $3/month. This level is set up deliberately to be cheap enough for ANYONE to afford if the cause matters enough. List all the different things $3 is typically spent on and how useful that money is to expanding the school garden network and its resources. 

$10 Level: "Best Bang for Your Buck"

The $10 member level is one of the best values available given the wide range of 10% discounts offered on products, paid events, merchandise, as well as 50% off all paid online trainings. For less than the price of Netflix members can save hundreds of dollars on taking resources into their own hands as well enjoy a wide-range of community experiences at a discounted rate. 

$20 Level: "Garden Your Own Growth"

The $20/mo. level is the garden network focused tier. Emphasize how many projects benefit from this level and the constant expansion of community gardening opportunities. Mention the garden network app being designed and the need for a thorough community garden manager that helps oversee the people and process of a long-term garden project, not just another app covering how plants grow.  

$50 Level: "As a Family"

This level is key for families and individuals who like opportunities for their close group of friends. Many of the perks center around free tickets and access for multiple people to our major events and discounts that can be shared with loved ones. Pitch this $50/mo. level as an opportunity to help the community and give to those you care most about. 

$100 Level: "Community Builder"

This is the top! If someone is willing to go above and beyond at this level, then it’s because they understand the long-term value of our mission. Pitch the existential problems facing our planet, talk about how we underutilize our ability to address resource issues within our own community and make it clear that they are the change they wish to see when they commit at this $100/mo. level

We are currently designating achievement levels for the member drive so that you can earn additional rewards for reaching these milestones. If you have suggestions of member drive incentives or perks for the memberships themselves, please message us. 

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