Sponsor Drive

Sponsor drives are created to help improve community relations and give other businesses a chance to promote themselves by supporting impactful projects. Your job is simple:

  • Nail down your elevator pitch. 
  • Get signed up with Task Tracker.
  • Approach businesses by email, phone, and in-person. 
  • Give a specific pitch to support the project and your funding goal. 
  • Report results in Task Tracker.

As business confirm sponsorship levels, we will keep you updated with your success. Rewards are currently being designed for the sponsor drive based on the levels of funding and numbers of sponsors achieved.

Let’s get started! Message us below if you have any questions along the way.


Impact So Far

Earth Rebirth has maintained a tremendous reputation across Oklahoma and our partners for the last ten years. We are very proud of our achievements and the impact accomplished for Oklahoma schools.

Emphasize our consistency in helping Norman reach 100% garden participation in all 28 public schools. Talk about the hundreds of teachers, thousands of students, and hundreds of thousands of dollars we have helped bring to the Oklahoma education system in a time that it is direly needed. Our numbers speak for themselves, and our expectation does too.

Projects to Consider Sponsoring

Remember to use the SMART strategy when planning your goals. They need to be Specific — Measurable — Attainable — Realistic — Time-Bound. Asking for donations to support Earth Rebirth is great, but consider asking to sponsor one of these specific projects:

Confirming Sponsorship

Once a sponsor confirms interest, they must complete the 2020 Sponsor Booklet form and email it back to info@earthrebirthnow.com. 

The rest will be handled by our sponsor team. If you have specific questions that need to be answered for your sponsor, please contact us below.

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